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Orana Engineering Townsville


Tank Farm Upgrade

Melbourne Bio Diesel’s (MBD) James Cook University (JCU) research facility required an elevated level area to allow the installation of a series of tanks for the purpose of storing fresh sea water.  Orana Engineering was requested to provide a design solution that not only increased efficiency with the tank draining but to also improve safety around the new tanks.

Orana Engineering performed a site visit to take exact site measurements of the area nominated for the tank farm.  This included identifying existing trees needing to be removed and determining required tank heights and current ground levels using a dumpy level.

Based on the information gathered from the site visit Orana Engineering was then able to, using AutoCAD, model the existing ground levels and the advise the fill required to lift the tanks to a suitable level for gravity draining.  The design of the tank farm incorporated a conical base on each tank to allow for draining as required.  This design also saw the introduction of buried control valves accessible via covered pits.  A concrete block wall with compacted fill was designed as the base for the tanks with the access handrailing component of the scope to be completed by the client.

Orana Engineering was able to provide a design solution that utilised the area allocated.  The final deliverables included a set of construction drawings including all dimensional information required to complete construction.

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