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Orana Engineering Townsville


Wall Kit Drafting

BHP Billiton Cannington Mine is a significant underground Silver and Lead mining operation located in Western Queensland.  Following completion of the ore extraction from each stope, paste backfill is used to fill the open void, which stabilises the area and allows for mining of adjacent stopes.  This is achieved by constructing a fill wall across roadways, which provides a stable wall for areas that are being back filled, eliminates intrusion from back filled areas, and allows the back filling to achieve a higher density.

Cannington Mine was being supplied with the necessary wall construction kits to build these walls, however no official documentation was provided detailing the components within these kits.  In order to improve the efficiency for ordering, BHP Billiton engaged Orana Engineering to confirm the details for the components in these kits and create a drawing set for two types of construction kits.

Orana Engineering design staff inspected both types of construction kits prior to dispatch to site, obtaining  measurements and sketches of the components..  Using this information the Orana Engineering design drafting team were able to utilise AutoCAD to create a drawing set that detailed all the components required, including fabrication details, for each construction kit.

For more information on Orana Engineering’s design drafting capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.