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Orana Engineering Townsville


Tank Static Line

All mine and industrial sites will list safety as their highest priority within their day to day operations.  In line with this philosophy, management at Carpentaria Gold’s Ravenswood Operation enlisted the assistance of Orana Engineering to design a fall arrest system that could be easily removed and repositioned above the multiple leach tanks on site to allow for the safe removal and servicing of tank agitators.

A site visit conducted by Orana Engineering identified the need to create a versatile arrangement that could be easily disassembled and relocated to each leach tank as required.  The site visit also allowed for Orana Engineering personnel to As Build existing tank access structural drawings to ensure the design of the fall arrest system had minimal impact on the existing structure.

The design proved to be challenging due to the varying nature of access structure members above each tank.  Orana Engineering designers were able to design an assembly utilizing a common set of supporting columns coupled with struts of varying lengths that could be installed depending on the work location.  A full set of shop fabrication and assembly drawings were issued to Carpentaria Gold to allow for tender and ultimately construction.  The final design ensured maintainers were provided with a safe work system that would allow their personnel to safely work on agitators above an open tank..

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