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Orana Engineering Townsville


OC1 Drawing Registration

Orana Engineering was approached by the Oaky Creek Coal No.1 Mine (OC1) to provide drawing management assistance, to identify the latest revision of each drawing for all hard copy and electronic drawings that OC1 had onsite and ultimately create a register of the latest revision of every drawing.  This register would draw a line in the sand and provide the ability to maintain all drawings within a structured document management system into the future.

Orana Engineering’s employees, having operational backgrounds, understand the impact on day to day activities of being unable to find accurate information quickly and that good management of drawings ensures that up to date information is available to all workers at all times.

In order to quantify the work involved, Orana Engineering travelled to site to determine the exact number of drawings (both hard copy and electronic) that were to be processed and registered. Once the quantity of drawings had been determined, Orana Engineering, based on our detailed procedures and systems with respect to large scale drawing registration works, was able to detail a project plan for the registration project.

Based on the project plan developed and acceptance from our client, Orana Engineering’s first step was to gather all the electronic and hard copy drawings and transfer them to the Orana Engineering Townsville office for processing.  With all native, electronic and hard copy drawings available, Orana Engineering was able to identify the latest revision of every drawing regardless of format.

Orana Engineering was then able to assign a client specific drawing number (based on the sites drawing numbering convention) to each drawing that did not already possess a site drawing number.  In order to show the new drawing numbers on the native files, Orana Engineering created a stamp using AutoCAD which showed both the new and existing drawing numbers for the particular drawing, then the stamps were added to the latest revision of each native file drawing. 

Where it was identified that the latest revision of a drawing was only available in hard copy format, these drawings were scanned using Orana Engineering’s scanner up to the sheet size of A0.  Where these hard copy drawings did not possess OC1 drawing numbers a sticker was produced and placed on each drawing prior to scanning.

Due to Orana Engineering’s experience in maintaining Oaky Creek Coal’s existing document management system (Aconex), Orana Engineering was able to easily and efficiently upload and integrate the approximately 8000 files into the document management system.

Orana Engineering provides ongoing drawing management support to Oaky No.1 Mine as required by site operations, maintenance and engineering personnel.

If you would like any more information or details about Orana Engineering’s drawing management services, please do not hesitate to contact us or review our capabilities.