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Orana Engineering Townsville


Jaw Crusher Platform

Eloise copper mine is an underground mining operation producing copper concentrate for export.  The maintenance department of Eloise Copper Mine contacted Orana Engineering with a specific requirement for the design of an access platform for their jaw crusher including engineering certification and drafting.  The client provided Orana Engineering with site measurements and a basic concept of the design they were looking for.

Being a brownfield engineering project, the detailed design had to consider the surrounding area and the existing structure the platform was to be mounted to, in order to minimise any modifications to existing structures and the associated impact on operations.  This was achieved using Autodesk Inventor to create a basic 3D model of the area, including the proposed mounting area for the new platform from site measurements, photos and existing drawings supplied by the client.  Once this physical data was established, and taking the concept provided by the client into consideration, the detailed design of the platform was able to be performed efficiently. 

The use of 3D modelling assisted to ensure the physical size of the platform was maximised, hence improving the safe access for the maintenance of the jaw crusher, as well as providing the ability to provide preliminary sketches for client review and approval prior to final detailing.  The 3D software was also used to conduct an FEA analysis to assist with the structural engineering calculations to check the structural strength of not only the platform but also the existing structure the platform was being mounted to.

Orana Engineering was able to produce both detailed shop drawings for fabrication and site installation drawings, all of which were provided with structural engineering certification.

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