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Orana Engineering Townsville


FB-028 Tank Lifting Beam

During an upgrade to the Concentrator at MMG’s Century Mine located in Western Queensland, Orana Engineering was engaged to design a lifting beam for the installation of a new flotation cell.

The lifting beam design was required to provide adaptation between the lifting points on the tank and the crane, providing stability during lifting and protecting the structural integrity of the tank.  The structural calculations involved a combination of hand calculations and modelling in SPACE GASS based on the requirements and parameters in the relevant Australian Standards for lifting equipment.  A number of lifting scenarios were considered, including uneven loading distribution, and members were sized based on bending, axial loading, deflection and combined actions.  Orana Engineering were able to develop a safe design that utilised available structural members on site, minimising procurement cost and fabrication duration as benefits to our client.

Using Autodesk Inventor, Orana Engineering design staff created a 3D model of the lifting beam based on the design provided by the structural engineer.  The 3D model was used to produce a fabrication drawing for the lifting beam that also detailed the sling configuration to be used during the lifting process.  The drawings were initially issued to the client for approval, which allowed the client to review the drawing layout and lifting beam design prior to drawings being “Issued for Construction”.  The total duration for this project was just over a week, which was only possible through prompt and concise communication with the client and Orana Engineering’s rigorous quality assurance process.

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