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Orana Engineering Townsville


Electrical Drawing Registration

The electrical engineering team at Collinsville Coal found that approximately 280 drawings from a recent electrical upgrade were not available to all personnel via their drawing management system.  In order to maintain regulatory compliance, Orana Engineering was engaged by Collinsville Coal to register and upload these drawings into their drawing management system, which Orana Engineering had previously assisted with developing.

To achieve this, Orana Engineering had to firstly record each drawing’s metadata and using this information, assign Collinsville Coal drawing numbers using the site drawing numbering convention to each drawing, to compliment the vendor drawing number already noted on the drawings.  Orana Engineering understands that correct metadata collection and drawing number convention ensure that search ability is maximised within the drawing management system.

Following each drawing being assigned a Collinsville Coal drawing number, stamps were created and placed on each drawing containing both the vendor’s and the Collinsville Coal drawing number.

Once all drawings in both pdf and their native formats had received the stamps, the drawings were uploaded to Collinsville Coal’s drawing management system along with the relevant metadata.  Having easy access to these drawings not only maintains regulatory compliance but it also assists maintenance and support crews on a day to day basis, and these crews are more likely to use the information available.

If you would like any more information or details about Orana Engineering’s drawing management services, please do not hesitate to contact us or review our capabilities.