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Orana Engineering Townsville


Collinsville Coal Drawing Registration Project

Orana Engineering was contacted by Collinsville Coal to conduct a high level review of their onsite drawing storage and management systems with respect to accessibility, security and regulatory compliance.  During this review areas for improvement were identified and recommendations along with cost estimates were provided to Collinsville Coal to make an informed decision as to how they would improve the management of their drawings moving forward.

Orana Engineering was then awarded the task of collecting all available files from a range of locations across the site onto a single hard drive to record each files metadata and identify the latest revision of each drawing.  In addition to the soft copies, Orana Engineering collected all hard copy drawings from the site's archive room, and provided the service of scanning these drawings to create pdf files for upload into the new drawing management system.  Once both the soft copies and hard copy drawings metadata was collected a number of sorting functions were completed to identify the latest revision of every drawing and identify those hard copy drawings that required scanning to produce a complete set of soft copy latest revision drawings.

Orana Engineering were required to reverse engineer a drawing numbering convention that was in place at Collinsville Coal which was not currently documented onsite.  With this completed, those drawings that did not already have assigned a Collinsville drawing number were allocated one.

With each drawing allocated a Collinsville Coal drawing number, stamps were produced to be placed on each existing latest revision soft copy drawing.  The hard copy drawings identified as being the latest revision were then scanned in house by Orana Engineering up to the sheet size of A0.  Of the hard copy drawings that did not previously have allocated a Collinsville Coal drawing number, a sticker displaying the allocated drawing number was placed on each drawing prior to being scanned.

Orana Engineering then performed the initial upload of approximately 14,000 drawings into the drawing management system that Collinsville Coal had selected for ongoing drawing management and control.

With the drawing management system in place, not only does this maintain regulatory compliance for providing a source of up to date information to all workers, but it is also more likely to be used and maintained by maintenance and support personnel as the go to place for up to date information which in turn increases the sites efficiency.

Orana Engineering has since the initial upload, been providing ongoing drawing management assistance to Collinsville Coal on an as needs basis.

If you would like any more information or details about Orana Engineering’s drawing management services, please do not hesitate to contact us or review our capabilities.