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Orana Engineering Townsville


Carborough Downs Coal Drawing Management

Orana Engineering was engaged by Carborough Downs Coal Mine (CDCM) to design and implement a complete drawing management system from registering every drawings metadata to revising and maintaining the database moving forward to maintain regulatory compliance.

Careful project planning was critical to ensuring the sites drawing management was simple and easy to use for all site personnel.  With a simple and easy to use drawing management system it is more likely to be used by site personnel to confidently source the latest revision of a drawing and to update drawings as the site conditions change and upgrades are implemented which in turn improves safety.

Orana Engineering developed and assisted with the implementation of drawing management procedures which included but was not limited to designing a site specific drawing numbering convention and a site specific drafting standard both based on Vale international standard’s, but customised for use at CDCM.  All CDCM drawings were registered by recording each drawing's metadata and identifying the latest revision of every drawing.

The next phase of the project saw Orana Engineering allocate each drawing a CDCM drawing number, which was completed in two phases, initially for the underground operations and subsequently for CHPP operations.  With each drawing allocated a CDCM number, stamps were produced to be placed on each existing latest revision drawing.

With the latest revision of every drawing and each drawing’s metadata recorded, drawing management system software was needed to maintain the latest revision drawings and allow for new drawings to be added in future.  With this in mind Orana Engineering performed a comparison of a number of different drawing management software packages against key user criteria (including but not limited to speed, cost, user interface, etc).  Once the comparison was complete a report was prepared for the client to help the client make an informed decision as to the drawing management software that best suited their needs.

Once the drawing management software was selected and implemented, Orana Engineering then performed the initial upload of approximately 5,000 drawings into the drawing management system.

To this day Orana Engineering has maintained a close working relationship with CDCM and manages the sites drawing management system for both underground and CHPP operations on an as required basis whether it be revising an existing drawing to “As Built” status or reserving drawing numbers for a vendor.  No job is too big or too small.

If you would like any more information or details about Orana Engineering’s drawing management services, please do not hesitate to contact us or review our capabilities.