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Engineering Maintenance & Support

Engineering maintenance and support is an essential service over the life of an operation and includes scheduled maintenance services as well as support for breakdowns and failures.  We follow a logical fault finding process to identify the root cause and where applicable provide recommendations to reduce the likelihood and/or consequences of the event occurring again.

Through our engineering maintenance and support services, Orana Engineering strives to build long term relationships with our clients.  Building long term relationships is an integral part of our business model and business philosophy and it gives us the best opportunity to be a resource that is valued by our clients.  We believe that this value comes from over time better knowing our clients' sites, systems and people, which from this knowledge we can provide engineering services that are tailored to our clients' requirements.

Our engineering support services include control systems support, training and commissioning as well as client engineer services.  We provide engineering maintenance and support for coal, metalliferous, oil and gas clients as well as industrial and commercial clients.

Explore the case studies below for more information on maintenance and support services by Orana Engineering.  

Orana Engineering Maintenance and Support

Reagents Lightning Protection

To ensure the CHPP reagent tank farm lighting protection systems were adequate and complied with Australian standards, Moranbah North requested Orana Engineering undertake a review and design for an upgrade of the lightning protection systems (LPS) installed for the tank farm area. more

Sewage Treatment Plant Refurbishment

To increase productivity as well as maintaining compliance with current legislative standards, Glencore Coal employed the services of Orana Engineering to design, manage and oversee the installation of the electrical portion of their sewage treatment plant upgrade. more

Wall Kit Drafting

BHP Billiton Cannington Mine is a significant underground Silver and Lead mining operation located in Western Queensland. Following completion of the ore extraction from each stope, paste backfill is used to fill the open void, which stabilises the area and allows for mining of adjacent stopes. This is achieved by constructing a fill wall across roadways, which provides a stable wall for areas that are being back filled, eliminates intrusion from back filled areas, and allows the back filling to achieve a higher density. more

Electrical Drawing Registration

The electrical engineering team at Collinsville Coal found that approximately 280 drawings from a recent electrical upgrade were not available to all personnel via their drawing management system. In order to maintain regulatory compliance, Orana Engineering was engaged by Collinsville Coal to register and upload these drawings into their drawing management system, which Orana Engineering had previously assisted with developing. more

Electrical Specifications

To ensure site consistency of electrical design and installation standards as well as compliance with relevant Australian standards and state legislation, Oaky Creek Coal’s Electrical Engineering Manager (EEM) engaged the services of Orana Engineering for the preparation of new site electrical specifications. more

MG08 Development Conveyor

Carborough Downs Coal Mine is an underground operation located in Central Queensland that utilises conveyors to transport mined coal to the surface for processing. As operations progress and new longwall headings are mined, new conveyor installations are also required. Orana Engineering was engaged by Carborough Downs to design a new longwall drive-head chamber and conveyor installation. more

Process Water RO Plant Vendor Drawing Registration

After commissioning of their Process Water Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant, Oaky Creek Coal received approximately 150 electrical drawings from the vendor. To ensure that all of these drawings were readily available for the correct site personnel, Oaky Creek Coal (OCC) engaged the services of Orana Engineering for the purpose of registering these drawings into their drawing management system more

Carborough Downs Coal Drawing Management

Orana Engineering was engaged by Carborough Downs Coal Mine (CDCM) to design and implement a complete drawing management system from registering every drawings metadata to revising and maintaining the data base moving forward to maintain regulatory compliance. more

Fire System Drawings

Accurate fire services and emergency resource drawings are important to ensure that the appropriate information is available to mine site based operations and emergency personnel. Orana Engineering was engaged by Oaky Creek Coal to assist in creating a set of fire system drawings throughout the surface operations to ensure they were up to date and relevant. more

Redraw Electrical Drawings

To ensure plant maintainability and personnel safety, Dyno Nobel employed the services of Orana Engineering to redraw its low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) single line diagrams (SLD) whilst also confirming the drawings accuracy and functionality. more

Fire System Audit

BMA Gregory Crinum requested Orana Engineering to perform an audit and inspection of the Crinum underground mine surface fire water system with respect to providing adequate pressure and flow for the Crinum North conveyor system, and in particular the stockpile conveyor. more

FB-028 Tank Lifting Beam

During an upgrade to the Concentrator at MMG’s Century Mine located in Western Queensland, Orana Engineering was engaged to design a lifting beam for the installation of a new flotation cell. more

Jaw Crusher Platform

Eloise copper mine is an underground mining operation producing copper concentrate for export. The maintenance department of Eloise Copper Mine contacted Orana Engineering with a specific requirement for the design of an access platform for their jaw crusher including engineering certification and drafting. The client provided Orana Engineering with site measurements and a basic concept of the design they were looking for. more

Onsite Accommodation As-Built Drawings

Following construction and commissioning of the Onsite Accommodation Camp at Oaky Creek Coal Mine located in Central Queensland, Orana Engineering was provided with “As-Built” mark-ups to the complete set of construction drawings for the Water Storage Facility, HV Substation, Water Treatment Plant tie-ins and supply pipeline. These drawing mark-ups largely confirmed that construction was in accordance with the civil, electrical and mechanical design developed by Orana Engineering, with only minor changes implemented during the construction and commissioning process (confirmation of “green” pipe spool lengths, etc.). more

Redraw Dragline DL007 Drawings

To improve the maintainability of plant electrical systems and personnel safety, Hail Creek Mine employed the drawing revision services of Orana Engineering to redraw all electrical power, control and termination diagrams associated with its Dragline 7 (DL007) into AutoCAD format more

OC1 Drawing Registration

Orana Engineering was approached by the Oaky Creek Coal No.1 Mine (OC1) to assist with drawing management assistance, to identify the latest revision of each drawing for all hard copy and electronic drawings that OC1 had onsite and ultimately create a register of the latest revision of every drawing. This register would draw a line in the sand and provide the ability to maintain all drawings within a structured document management system into the future. more

Tank Static Line

All mine and industrial sites will list safety as their highest priority within their day to day operations. In line with this philosophy, management at Carpentaria Gold’s Ravenswood Operation enlisted the assistance of Orana Engineering to design a fall arrest system that could be easily removed and repositioned above the multiple leach tanks on site to allow for the safe removal and servicing of tank agitators. more

Collinsville Coal Drawing Registration Project

Orana Engineering was contacted by Collinsville Coal to conduct a high level review of their onsite drawing storage and management systems with respect to accessibility, security and regulatory compliance. During this review areas for improvement were identified and recommendations along with cost estimates were provided to Collinsville Coal to make an informed decision as to how they would improve the management of their drawings moving forward. more

Underground Workshop Concept Design

Due to expanding operations, Oaky North underground operations considered that there could be benefit to having an underground workshop including refuelling stations to reduce vehicle travel times and increase efficiencies of vehicle movements. Orana Engineering was engaged to provide concept design and estimating assistance for internal project approvals. more

Quantify Drawing Registration Works

Oaky Creek Coal’s Oaky North operations (OCN) requested Orana Engineering provide an accurate estimate to collate all of their existing drawings in all formats into a single register identifying the latest revision or every drawing. more

Mobile Plant Electrical Drawing Books

To improve the maintainability of plant electrical systems and personnel safety, Hail Creek Mine employed the drawing management services of Orana Engineering to create bound books of electrical drawings for Dragline 1 (DL001), Dragline 7 (DL007) and Shovel 14 (SH014). Multiple books were made for each machine (in A4 & A3 sizes). more

Conveyor Upgrade Project

The Carborough Downs Coal underground mine located in Central Queensland, transitioned from a Bord and Pillar mining system to Longwall mining and as a result required to upgrade the capacity of their coal clearance conveyor system. Orana Engineering was engaged to provide Clients Engineering assistance to deliver the final underground conveyor equipment to meet the Longwall production schedule. more

Yokogawa DCS Upgrade

Orana Engineering has since 2005 provided 24/7 support for Oaky Creek Coal’s (OCC) control systems. At the Coal Handling & Preparation Plant (CHPP) OCC uses a Yokogawa DCS as the primary control system, which was originally installed in 1998. The system is very robust and the hardware, software and its configuration has proven to be very reliable and highly cost effective. more