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Orana Engineering Townsville


Engineering Audits & Inspections

Engineering audits and engineering inspections are an integral part of both new projects on site and ongoing operations.  They are an exercise in benchmarking to assess and understand what is currently in place and quantifying this through reporting.  They can identify areas where corrective actions may be required to achieve compliance, or where improvements would provide a benefit to the client.  Engineering audits and engineering inspections are tools that can also be used to determine if a project was installed in accordance with the original designs, and provide an accurate starting point for future projects.  They can also be an opportunity to have an independent set of eyes review the situation and provide an informed assessment.

Orana Engineering employs a risk based approach to help clients prioritise any corrective actions or recommendations.  Engineering reports are produced confirming how existing systems and operations align against current standards or amendments to standards and identify any corrective actions that may be required to meet compliance.

Our audits and inspections services are relevant across all engineering disciplines including electrical, mechanical, structural and control systems.  Explore the case studies below for more information on engineering audits and inspections services by Orana Engineering.

Orana Engineering Audits and Inspections

Structural Audit

Orana Engineering prides itself on attention to detail, not only in our engineering design and drafting services, but also in our audit and inspection services. Orana Engineering was requested by Glencore’s Oaky No. 1 Mine to perform a structural integrity audit/inspection of major assets at the mine. The audit was a non-invasive, visual inspection of major assets. This inspection was completed alongside an audit of access systems to AS 1657 to gain efficiency by completing two audits in one visit. more

Site AS 1657 Audit

Orana Engineering prides itself on attention to detail which we not only apply to our engineering design and drafting services, but also our audit and inspection services which we offer to our clients. more

Plant Condition Assessment

Orana Engineering was requested by Veolia Water to perform a condition assessment of relocatable assets at the Kenya Water Treatment Facility. The inspection and assessment covered civil/structural, mechanical and electrical assets for the facility. more

CHPP Conveyor Capacity Audit

Vale Carborough Downs Coal Mine (CDCM) required details of the current and possible future capacities of their Module 1 & 2 product conveyors at their coal processing plant in Central Queensland. As a result, Orana Engineering was engaged by the CDCM site engineering and maintenance team to perform the necessary site visits, calculations and reporting. The study consisted of 8 plant conveyors and outlined high level recommendations of modifications required for the plant to achieve higher tonnages. more

Building Certification

Monadelphous Group Limited was contracted to deliver the Talinga Pipeline Compression Facility (PCF) for Origin Energy’s Australia Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas (APLNG) project. more

QGC AIWT Design Review

Hutchinson Builders Toowoomba was contracted to deliver portions of the Water Aquifer Injection Trial at QGC’s Woleebee Creek site. Prior to commencing construction, Hutchinson Builders engaged Orana Engineering to perform a design review of all technical documentation associated with the Pond Transfer Pump Station, limited to the engineering discipline of mechanical. more

Fire System Audit

BMA Gregory Crinum requested Orana Engineering to perform an audit and inspection of the Crinum underground mine surface fire water system with respect to providing adequate pressure and flow for the Crinum North conveyor system, and in particular the stockpile conveyor. more

MIA Services Audit

Orana Engineering was requested by the BMA Projects Department to assist in completing an audit of air, water and wastewater services at BMA Blackwater Mine in Central Queensland. The work was required in order to determine if the addition of new go-line infrastructure would adversely impact the existing mine industrial area services, and if additional infrastructure or infrastructure upgrades were required. more